Lynxee Project

A 3000 custom Lynx Collection is joining the NFT Space on ELROND

What is
Lynxee project?

Lynxee will become the charity branch of Neodium, a P2E game based on Elrond. This means that a part of its profits will be donated to an association in need!

Lynxee is also, 3.000 Lynx deployed on Elrond that will make you earn money every week.

Random SpaceDicks
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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take the lynxee project. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Finally free and ready to conquer the world

Mint the 3.000 Lynx on the Elrond Blockchain and together we will build a feathered world where we will be able to live free.

2. Launch of the cash prize system!

We will reward our Lynx holders the best we can with an attractive and growing cash prize system. Each week one lucky Lynx holder will receive a kitty with fixed part of 1 EGLD and a variable part of 100% of week’s royalties.

3. Second collection

More impressive, even more detailed! You've never seen such an army arrive on Elrond... and moreover all Lynxes will be automatically whitelisted.

4. Easter egg!

To reward the most curious among you, you will be entitled to a little treasure hunt! Pay attention to all the details... (maybe you’ll discover information about Neodium).

5. Creation of Neodium

As we told you 20% of our profit goes to charity to prevent lynx from extinction! But in order to make it, we’ll need to create a company Neodium.




AKA Mathieu

"Passionate about drawing since a young age, I decided to make it my profession! What could be more beautiful than to link passion and profession in future. I believe enormously in this new world, I will work to be able to live on it!"



AKA Victor

"After learning digital marketing and communication, I decided to take on a new challenge: to be free to do what I want when I want. That's why I left any job and started in the world of crypto currency, but more precisely Elrond! I'm here to build on the long term."



AKA Anis

"Crypto enthusiast & NFT collector. Dev by day, test by night, I hunt in the dark and follow the light. Welcome in the metaverse, I've been surviving here for 121 days now."



AKA Julien

"Passionate self-taught developer, I love building some stuff living in the web. Currently, dived into the blockchain universe, I'm upgrading myself from legacy web2 to web3 making dapps to both learn, and help others to build the future."

Frequently asked questions

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